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2018-04-20 | Instructions for In-house measurements sent to Nat'l Secretaries

Do we want to avoid stress and long waiting times spent for measurements inside the Regatta area. Definitely yes. After good experience of the last Europeans competitors are asked to make measurements in your home countries with your local measurer prior to the Europeans Regatta. Instructions were sent to National Secretaries. Soon published also here.

2018-04-14 | Registration process is delayed due to GDPR issues.
Will be opened soon


2018-04-02 | NOR published

NOR published today.

2018-04-01 | Website officially opened

The Europeans 2018 Communications Team wish that you find this website useful. The content will be updated and completed in the coming weeks.

In case of any questions,  comments or improvement ideas, please direct your feedback to Communications Team e-mail: snipeeuropeans2018 (at)

2018-04-01 | NOR coming soon

There has been several adjustments in the NOR during the last months. We wish to publish it asap.

2018-04-01 | EC2018 Poster #2 published



2018-02-26 | EC2018 Poster #1 published at FB site

Henkilön Snipe Europeans 2018 kuva.


SCIRA Meetings

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 If you are a current member of SCIRA, you are more than welcome to Snipe Open Forum to participate and express your opinion on current topics.

National Secretaries Meeting TBD

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